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Should You Invest in Video or Camera Equipment for Your Service Business?

If you’re in the business of creating service business blogs for clients, you don’t have to invest money in buying expensive professional-grade or film-industry-grade camera equipment to create great video content. You don’t even have to own a pricey DSLR camera for that matter. Once you’ve figured out what type of video you want to make, according to London, Ontario video production firm Memory Tree London, you’d be surprised at how ‘low-tech’ some of the necessary video equipment might be.

For video shoots you can upload to YouTube and other social sharing sites, your smartphone will do just fine. Most iOS and Android smartphones already shoot HD video by default as well as the standard digital cameras.

Moreover, there are now several free apps for both Android and iOS for creating brilliant movies with your phone’s camera. For instance, there is the free stop-motion app called ‘iMotion HD’ for the iPhone. Just make sure that your phone stays steady on a flat surface, better still, on a tripod, to prevent any wobbling. The more smartphone on hand, the better for your purpose. Place them at different angles to get different perspectives. Later during editing, they can be interlaced together.

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Video files can eat up your hard drive very quickly so having multiple memory cards for your smartphone or digital camera will come in handy for a prolonged shoot. If you only have one memory card, you’ll be spending far more time transfering files to your computer than you would shooting. An external hard drives also come in handy, allowing you to save data to a large portable drive instead of a single computer’s hard drive.

Aside from a digital camera, or your smartphone for that matter, you may need to buy a microphone. While your smartphone or digital camera has its own built-in mic, it doesn’t cost much to invest in a separate microphone so that you can be assured of the quality of your audio. There are two types of microphones to look for with different uses for each: an omnidirectional microphone which can pick up sounds in all directions and a directional microphone which is used for recording sound in just one direction. Additionally, you may want to buy some proper lighting equipment to achieve the best video quality.


If you need audio to be recorded in the video, make sure you will also have a handsfree kit available for the shoot.