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Drones for Construction Businesses: An Awesome Opportunity 

Most people think that drones are only for teenagers and adults who want to experience the thrill of flying. But it has its practical applications, too.

For example, these flying aircrafts have been used for delivering various items. In Wise County, Virginia, a drone was used to carry medical supplies from an airfield to a clinic. The delivery was approved by the Federal AviationAdministration,  which regulates the use of drones.

Of course, online retailer has made public its plan to use drones for delivering packages right into the doorsteps of its customers.

Say hello to Amazon’s new Prime Air drone.

Posted by TechCrunch on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Professional sports leagues like the National Football League have also been allowed to use drones for filming. However, the league can only fly the drones when the stadiums are empty which means the NFL can’t send unmanned aircrafts a lot during actual games.

Builders are also realizing that they can use drones for their construction jobs.  These unmanned aircrafts can provide engineers and project managers a bird’s eye view of their projects without using a helicopter.

Here are some practical applications of drones for the construction business:

  1. Surveying

Drones can be used to quickly survey a job site and build maps. Instead of using heavy machinery and expensive surveying tools, drones can get the job faster. Plus, drones are cheaper compared to traditional surveying tools.

  1. Showing Progress of a Project

Clients who can’t afford to come to the site will appreciate being apprised of the progress of the project by being presented with pictures or video captured by a drone.  Clients don’t even have to see the project manager to be updated of the project, as the photos or videos can be e-mailed to them.

  1. Monitoring

Drones can be used for monitoring job sites. These aircrafts can be a manna from heaven for project managers who have to shuttle between multiple job sites, as they can use a drone to monitor the progress of a construction project. Using a drone can save them a lot of time, energy, and money.

With the following benefits of using a drone for a construction project, it is not surprising that many engineers are considering the application of an unmanned aircraft for their projects.