2016 is the Right Year to Ride with Uber: Four Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Uber for Executive Transport

Still lining up to get a taxi cab?  Then you’re missing out on a lot. Uber, the online-based transportation service provider, has changed the way people commute. Simply put it, Uber has empowered riders who no longer have to be at the mercy of taxi drivers. These days, all you need is to download the Uber app, enter your credit card details, and request for a vehicle with Uber to be able to go from point A to point B.

The flurry of Uber promo codes that you can find online also make it easy to try with your first ride free.

There are four great reasons why you should use Uber. These are:

  1. It’s Cheaper

One of the primary reasons why riders are opting to take an Uber vehicle than a taxi is the savings that they can get when they request for an Uber car. Reports indicate that taking an Uber vehicle is up to 50 percent cheaper than riding a taxi. That’s a lot of savings especially if you are the type of person who is always on the go.  Also, when you get your first ride free through a promo code (you can find one at http://uberpromocodetoronto.ca/), then you get to try Uber for free.

  1. It’s Faster

Uber not only saves you a lot of dollars; it can also save you a lot of your precious time.

One recent study made by Deloitte Access Economics showed that Australians can save up to 800,000 hours a year by requesting for an Uber vehicle instead of a taxi. The same report indicated that people waste an additional three minutes of waiting for a taxi.  It showed that Uber passengers will be picked up in less than five minutes, while riders will get their taxi cabs in around eight minutes.

  1. It’s Safer

When you ride an Uber vehicle, you will know the name of the person driving for you as well as the license plate number. You will also get the driver’s rating, as given by his/her previous riders.

Your trip is also tracked by GPS. You will be able to give your ETA as well as the license plate number of the vehicle you took to your loved ones, giving them peace of mind.

  1. It’s more convenient

Aside from the fact that you don’t have to line up just to get an Uber ride, you will also appreciate that you don’t need cash to pay. All Uber transactions are charged to your credit card, thus sparing you the hassle of finding a few coins or worse, getting in a dispute with the driver.


What’s the Best Invoice Solution for Your Local Business

 Small businesses and start-up enterprises often face the challenging task of handling invoice processing. But fortunately for them, technology has paved the way for different invoicing solutions that can improve efficiency, reduce overhead cost, speed up payment, and improve cashflow.

Arguably the best invoice solution in the market today is Freshbooks, as it is loaded with useful features aside from being reasonably priced. Its customer service is also excellent, which is important for small businesses that aren’t used to utilizing invoice solutions yet.
Freshbooks is very simple to use. You can create and send professional looking invoices in an instant and accept online payments through PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net and 11 other services.
There’s also a host of extra features that you can benefit from, like the time/expense tracking that can accurately bill clients.  You can manage subscription services through features such as auto-billing and recurring invoices. Plus, you can send invoices automatically through snail mail, in case you aren’t fond of using the e-mail for that purpose.

greater toronto painters

Freshbooks is very affordable as well with a monthly fee of $20 for one user and 25 clients, and $40 for six users and unlimited number of clients.

Freshbooks has been particularly helpful for Greater Toronto Painters, as it has reduced the company’s accounting overhead. It has also made the staff of the firm more organized in sending out invoices.

You can also try Zoho invoice, especially if you are the type of business owner who likes customized invoices. You can select from a number of professional-looking invoice templates, or edit these templates by chancing the font, layout, and text. Zoho Invoice also has the same features as that of Freshbooks like time tracking, recurring invoices, and expense tracking at a cheaper rate.  An unlimited number of users can use Zoho Invoice for just $40 a month.

There’s also mHelp Desk which is more appropriate for businesses that operate offsite, like repair services, event planners, and caterers. Not only can you create invoices with this program but also manage the schedules of your staff, and locate them on a map as they travel between jobs. Given the extra features of this program, it is more expensive than Freshbooks at a monthly fee of $70.

You can also try PayPal, Square, and Wave. The latter comes for free, which should make it more appealing if budget is your main worry.

Drones for Construction Businesses: An Awesome Opportunity 

Most people think that drones are only for teenagers and adults who want to experience the thrill of flying. But it has its practical applications, too.

For example, these flying aircrafts have been used for delivering various items. In Wise County, Virginia, a drone was used to carry medical supplies from an airfield to a clinic. The delivery was approved by the Federal AviationAdministration,  which regulates the use of drones.

Of course, online retailer Amazon.com has made public its plan to use drones for delivering packages right into the doorsteps of its customers.

Say hello to Amazon’s new Prime Air drone.

Posted by TechCrunch on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Professional sports leagues like the National Football League have also been allowed to use drones for filming. However, the league can only fly the drones when the stadiums are empty which means the NFL can’t send unmanned aircrafts a lot during actual games.

Builders are also realizing that they can use drones for their construction jobs.  These unmanned aircrafts can provide engineers and project managers a bird’s eye view of their projects without using a helicopter.

Here are some practical applications of drones for the construction business:

  1. Surveying

Drones can be used to quickly survey a job site and build maps. Instead of using heavy machinery and expensive surveying tools, drones can get the job faster. Plus, drones are cheaper compared to traditional surveying tools.

  1. Showing Progress of a Project

Clients who can’t afford to come to the site will appreciate being apprised of the progress of the project by being presented with pictures or video captured by a drone.  Clients don’t even have to see the project manager to be updated of the project, as the photos or videos can be e-mailed to them.

  1. Monitoring

Drones can be used for monitoring job sites. These aircrafts can be a manna from heaven for project managers who have to shuttle between multiple job sites, as they can use a drone to monitor the progress of a construction project. Using a drone can save them a lot of time, energy, and money.

With the following benefits of using a drone for a construction project, it is not surprising that many engineers are considering the application of an unmanned aircraft for their projects.


The Top 4 CRMs for Local Contractors 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become a very important tool for local contractors. It can help them maintain relationships with their existing clientele, and build partnerships with prospective clients. CRM software has also evolved into a powerful tool for managing sales, marketing, accounting, and other kinds of operational data.

customer service

There are lots of CRM programs that local contractors can find in the market. However, four CRMs stand out for being reasonably priced, accessible anywhere, and very easy to use. These are:

  1. InfusionSoft

InfusionSoft has an online sales and marketing solution that is tailored perfectly for local contractors. It has lead generation tools, email and social media tools for engaging and converting leads, and marketing automation. It also provides personalized coacing services for novice users.

Nelson Fernandes of Transfer Electric, a leading father-and-son electrical contracting firm based in Toronto as well as Richmond Hill, says this program has helped his business a lot by enabling him to retain and convert more clients.

pot lights installation in toronto

  1. Sales Force

A leading CRM software for all business sizes, Sales Force offers a good starter package worth $25 a month. This may sound a bit too pricey for local contractors, but it is worth the price given its excellent features like lead generation, sales forecasting, contact and opportunity management, and workflow automation, among others.

  1. Insightly

This is a simple yet feature-packed CRM software that works well for local contractors. It has the basic features that small businesses need, but it can also offer more advanced capabilities should the business grow. It even has a free version which is excellent for local contractors who are hesitant on paying a monthly fee. Paid plans start at $12 a month, which is not a bad deal considering all the features it has.

  1. Zoho

Local contractors who don’t want to pay anything at all for a CRM may want to check out Zoho. It has basic features like contact management, analytics, lead gathering, and workflow automation. However, its features are not scalable meaning you can’t add functionalities which your business needs should it grow its operation in the future.


Should You Invest in Video or Camera Equipment for Your Service Business?

If you’re in the business of creating service business blogs for clients, you don’t have to invest money in buying expensive professional-grade or film-industry-grade camera equipment to create great video content. You don’t even have to own a pricey DSLR camera for that matter. Once you’ve figured out what type of video you want to make, according to London, Ontario video production firm Memory Tree London, you’d be surprised at how ‘low-tech’ some of the necessary video equipment might be.

For video shoots you can upload to YouTube and other social sharing sites, your smartphone will do just fine. Most iOS and Android smartphones already shoot HD video by default as well as the standard digital cameras.

Moreover, there are now several free apps for both Android and iOS for creating brilliant movies with your phone’s camera. For instance, there is the free stop-motion app called ‘iMotion HD’ for the iPhone. Just make sure that your phone stays steady on a flat surface, better still, on a tripod, to prevent any wobbling. The more smartphone on hand, the better for your purpose. Place them at different angles to get different perspectives. Later during editing, they can be interlaced together.

video production equipment

Video files can eat up your hard drive very quickly so having multiple memory cards for your smartphone or digital camera will come in handy for a prolonged shoot. If you only have one memory card, you’ll be spending far more time transfering files to your computer than you would shooting. An external hard drives also come in handy, allowing you to save data to a large portable drive instead of a single computer’s hard drive.

Aside from a digital camera, or your smartphone for that matter, you may need to buy a microphone. While your smartphone or digital camera has its own built-in mic, it doesn’t cost much to invest in a separate microphone so that you can be assured of the quality of your audio. There are two types of microphones to look for with different uses for each: an omnidirectional microphone which can pick up sounds in all directions and a directional microphone which is used for recording sound in just one direction. Additionally, you may want to buy some proper lighting equipment to achieve the best video quality.


If you need audio to be recorded in the video, make sure you will also have a handsfree kit available for the shoot.